Sarai M., Age 12utensil night2
Tribe of Benjamin

Utensil Night is when a big container full of utensils is passed around, and without looking everyone picks a utensil and has to eat with that utensil. Sonic had the big container full of big spoons, strainers, whisks, huge ladles, funnels, spatulas and all kinds of kitchen utensils. I got a giant spoon with many holes. So did LaTanya. Toto got a spoon, Mekerah got a spatula, and Willow got a ladle. Sherbert’s favorite was trying to eat the meatballs with her whisk. She also really liked watching everyone else eat. From the big container Sonic was carrying, I picked a spoon with holes that was almost as big as my head. It was very hard to eat my spaghetti, meatballs and bread with my spoon with many holes in it. Moose’s favorite part was trying to eat spaghetti and meatballs with a paint brush because he had never done it before. My favorite parts were watching everyone else and trying to eat without making a big mess.