By Meaghan S. age 10

Tribe of Manasseh


If I was a duck in camp, I would bother people for bread crumbs and if they did not give it to me, I would follow them and quack. I would also live at the pond and sit on the lily pads and peck at frogs. If I was a duck hiking at camp, I would make someone carry me or I would find somewhere wet. But maybe I would go and beg for bread crumbs. If I was a duck in campfire, I would probably trip and fall down the mountain and have a very sad death, but who knows, maybe I will be roasted for dinner for the campers to eat while listening to the campfire talk and singing songs, or maybe they will let me live and set me free. If I was a duck in tabernacle, I would grab my lily-pad Bible and quack to read it. Don’t get me started on singing because to humans, I’m just quacking so it would be awkward and just weird, but if I got the tune of the song I would sing “bread crumbs please!” And this what camp would be like if I was a duck. I guess camp is meant for people and not for ducks after all, so I’m glad I’m a person who can go to Camp Gilgal!