Fiorella M., Age 15

Yosemite is full wonders. At camp we got to see Vernal Fall. It all started when we got in the van with our bags filled with water, our Bibles, and money. We took a two-hour drive listening to Christian music and Disney. Then we were finally there. We made sure to go to the bathroom as many times as we could even if we didn’t have to because we knew that it was going to a long walk. At first, it wasn’t that bad; Pippin and I were walking at a slow pace. But we got a little left behind, so they made us go in front. It motivated me to walk a little faster.

We took many breaks because of how long the hike was. We walked for an hour uphill and were sweaty and tired. We finally came to the waterfall and let the mist soak us. The waterfall was beautiful; it looked as though it should have been in another country. We took a few pictures and walked back down all the slippery steps trying not to fall. In the end, we had pizza from Pizza Factory. We finally made it home and I had a sleep better than the other times because of the adventurous day.