Erica B., Age 12
Tribe of Zebulun

It was a hot Saturday in Silver Spur… We were practicing for the Fourth of July Parade which was just two days away, when suddenly, Streetlight took a turn into the dining hall… Wh20 ft. Long Sundaeen we saw the incredibly large dessert. The 20 foot long sundae had been presented to the campers.

Everyone scrambled to the small styrofoam bowls placed on the table and began piling ice cream into our bowls. When everyone finished serving themselves, we sat down to enjoy the delicious treat. Now, I will interview Zoë in what she thinks about the event. I asked her, “What was your favorite part of the 20 foot long sundae?” She replied, “Ooh! Me chugging down the ice cream!” It was amazing how just a small event can create such joyful memories. It’s funny how we can tell people we ate out rain gutters.

In conclusion, we had a ton of fun enjoying the ice cream, and having a mini dance party with wild music playing in the background. It was truly amazing and exciting. We all absolutely LOVED IT!