By: Rebecca S. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
You may be wondering what FOB is. It stands for Flat on Bunk. This comes after lunch when we are tired from the morning. We can take a nap, read, or write Gilgal Gazette articles. For a normal tribe, FOB is more of a time to eat candy, send notes, annoy others and play games on their bunks. In our tribe, however, it goes to the extreme! During one of our FOBs, Rebekah P. was bored and decided to be the cabin clown. She came to the middle of our cabin and decided to make her hair into a ponytail; failing miserably. This is when the funny began. Seeing how she failed, we all laughed asking her to do more. So, Rebekah decided to act like of those popular girls from a school, flipping her hair all the time, talking in a high voice. After this hilarious time, she “started a YouTube channel” showcasing her newly created make-up palettes, doing the cat-walk, and having fake disputes over the start of the video with Channah, another tribe member in our cabin.