By: Joy E.| Age: 13
Doodles, the friendly tribe leader. She is is 223 ¾ years old (I think). She was homeschooled up until third grade and graduated high school at the young age of 14. She likes to doodle (I wonder why?), do photography and sleep. For my Gilgal Gazette I decided to interview her! The first question I asked her is a basic question; “How many years have you been with Camp Gilgal?” She answered with, “I think 12” The next question was, “Did you ever go to Camp Gilgal as a camper?” She answered, “If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here right now answering your questions.” Well she definitely spiced things up a bit! But then I thought to myself, should I ask a spiritual question too? So, I asked, “At what age did you really start to love God and why at that age?” Seems spicy enough right? This was her long reply. “So, my dad is a pastor, so I’ve always been surrounded by the messianic mentality. I accepted Yeshua when I was four. I didn’t understand what that meant until I was seven. After that I recommitted myself several times. Many of those times being at Camp Gilgal. I never felt the closeness of God as I wanted to. Then God revealed to me exactly what had been impeding my walk with him. I knew he had offered forgiveness for my sins, but what I hadn’t realized is that I hadn’t let myself accept it. So, I finally got to the point where I accepted that forgiveness and was able to forgive myself, only about seven months ago. And that is when I recommitted myself. In retrospect; I’d always, kind of had a love for God, but I didn’t truly, wholly love him until I accepted this love for me.” So, there you have it folks! The wonderful life of Doodles written by the beautiful, loving, kind, smart, gently, caring, and funny Joy E. See you next time!