By: Micah H.| Age: 10
Tribe of Simeon
It was my birthday! I have been given various gifts to celebrate my birthday. I have also been given an EXCLUSIVE birthday table to use during meals! I have also enjoyed dodgeball and various other activities. On the day of June 26th (my birthday) I also created: THE FOUR-SQUARE BIRTHDAY KIT! C2 Popcorn, cherry bombs, and no tea parties. (If you are confused ask Micah H.). I earned general respect and four-square respect.

Micah: How was your birthday?
Also Micah: Great.
Micah: What is your favorite part of your birthday?
Also Micah: Cookies and presents.
Micah: Anything else?
Also Micah: Cookies and presents.
Micah: Interesting
Also Micah: Do you like tacos?
Micah: Of course, why would I not?