By: Sivan K. | Age: 13
Camp Gilgal is a safe place that changes lives and dreams. For instance, one young girl whose life was transformed by Camp Gilgal, has grown up to be an amazing staff member. This incredible woman is S’mores. This year S’mores is on the 2019 Camp Gilgal leadership team. For 13 years S’mores has been attending and pouring her heart into Camp Gilgal. She grew up in a believing home and started attending junior camp when she was eight years old. When she was 11, she recommitted her life to following Yeshua at Camp Gilgal. Camp has shaped her life and inspired her to work with children and youth. Her most touching experience at camp was when she was going through hardships and her tribe leader had gone through the same thing. She prayed with her and it helped her grow immensely. Throughout her time in camp after that, she realized that her passion was to work with Camp Gilgal. Since she has been attending camp since she was eight, she has felt like it was her second home. She can feel God’s presence the most at camp, even still now as staff and has made her lifelong friends here. Her advice for future campers is to invest friendships made here and ask the questions you want to ask because it’s a safe place. The first time she was on Gilgal staff she realized how much dedication is took. Even though it is difficult at times, her experience could not have been better. S’mores has always adored Camp Gilgal, and her love for it shows inside and out.