By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
Capture the Degel is a very fun night game because you get to run around trying to take the enemy’s degel (flag) to win! This year we drew straws to decide which side of the camp the men and women teams get. The men got the female staff and vice versa, besides a few out of cabin staff exceptions. Two straws for Two representatives. The longest straw gets to choose the side. This year the men chose the longest straw and chose the high side of the camp on the hill. The men set the jail circle and degel circle up high! Moose said if we put the jail circle and degel circle on the lower place it would have been called, “Capture the FOB.” After everything was set up, the whistle blew, and the we started the game. We immediately started running! I was going with Kombucha, a tribe leader, and Isaac, my brother. When we got down to the base lines, we saw Hawkeye and All-Star. We stayed around for a little bit to see if Hawkeye would move, but he did not. We went around the other side and then we saw Mufasa and sent him to jail. After we sent Mufasa to jail we continued our way around. We went to the other side and people were there. We made a break for it and there was a guard, so we went to the other side. Kombucha made a break for it down the hill, took a tumble and got caught. I went to my brother and went down to the enemy base. We saw Moose and we ran into the center of the enemy base and then back to our side. My brother disappeared when we all made a break for the degel. A lot of the people in on our side got caught. Isaac said, “The reason I ran away is because the staff kept coming for me.” I eventually got tired of waiting and ran for the degel. I made it sooo close until Gadget tagged me. We sang out songs for the last thirty minutes and then it was announced the ladies won! That’s what Capture the Degel is like at Camp Gilgal.