Stuart S., Age 10
Tribe of Benjamin

 Hello reader, my name is Stuart and I am 10. I am here to tell you about archery (obviously!).
Archery is fun, fun, fun! Well, why, you may ask, is that? Well, it’s hard to explain why…IT’S JUST
FUN! But there are rules.

The rules are:
1.When you load the bow, point the arrow at the ground
2. Don’t pull the string for pretend and let go (unless you want to get hurt!)
3. Don’t point the arrow at people
4. Do not—I repeat—do not go get your arrows until everyone is done
5. Don’t load the bow until everybody’s behind the yellow rope
6. Listen to your counselors
7. Keep track of how many of your arrows go into the woods.
8. And now the most—yes the most—important rule of all rules: HAVE FUN

I like archery a lot because I get to shoot the target. The things that I did in archery was shoot the target, retrieve the arrows, and sit in the shade.

Archery is my favorite thing to do at Camp Gilgal and I hope to do it next summer.