Vivian K., Age 10
Tribe of Naphtali

There are many things to make in Mad Science. It is one of the many activities at camp. There are other activities too, like hiking, archery, crafts, and more. We have four activities each day and Mad Science is one I have. Some things I have made in Mad Science are growing plants in a cup, explosions, slime, and lava lamps.

For slime we had a choice of putting it in a balloon or a Ziplock bag. I chose a Ziplock bag so I can stretch it. It was my favorite experiment we did. We put glue, water, borax, and food dye in it. For the lava lamp we put water, oil, and food dye and there was a weird reaction. If you shake the lava lamp, it won’t work anymore.

All of the things we do in mad science are cool. Have you ever tried putting Mentos in soda? Well, it makes a big soda explosion! It’s one sticky situation!

It takes forever to grow plants! If you water it every day and give it enough sunlight and nutrition, it will keep your plant healthy and it will take a shorter time to grow. Cool huh? Now that you know about one of my activities… Vivian out! (Dab).