MatthewArchery1 S., Age 10
Tribe of Asher

Hi my name is Matthew and in this article you will learn what you would learn in archery. Also you will learn the rules that you learn in archery. The correct position for shooting is when your feet are in baseball stance. Your left hand is holding the bow if you’re a righty (other way around if you’re a lefty). The colored feather facing the outside of the bow and the bow string must be able to reach your jaw when you fire after aiming. I want to tell you the rules so you can stay safe. The rules in archery are, don’t pick up your bow until the staff tell you to. Do not get your arrows until everyone is done shooting, and don’t shoot until told to. I like archery because you get to shoot arrows, and also you can keep doing it and keep getting better at it. I like shooting arrows because sometimes I hit the target and it feels awesome. This year I shot one bullseye. I picked archery because I like to concentrate on things while having fun. Archery benefits your hand-eye coordination and I love that I get to do it at Camp Gilgal.