Daniel P.
Age 12

 At Camp Gilgal teen camp there is a new activity. Well, at least for us former junior campers: boating! Boating is a magical activity for free time. There’s paddle boating, and kayaking. Sounds fun, right! Well, not for those of you who get sea sick. When you go boating, you will grab a life vest, get in a boat, and then you’re off! From my experience, my friends and I usually race. My team almost always wins. But, if you don’t like to race you can just time yourself, or maybe have a splash war, but only if you have a kayak.

 Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back and relax, and as we say in Louisiana, “Let the good times roll.” Just be careful that you don’t tip the boat, but you don’t need to worry if you have two people in the paddleboats. Just have a good time paddling around. This is really why I love camp. This is Daniel signing out. Stay classy, Gilgal.