Eden A., Age 13
Tribe of Zebulun

I love chill time because you can hang out with people from any cabin and keep building friendships. Unlike F.O.B, chill time is an activity where campers are allowed to relax, play games and hang out with friends. As I said earlier, we will group shot 5sometimes play games, such as Nukem, soccer and mafia. During this time campers can hang out with other campers from different tribes. Because the small bathroom has few showers, lots of campers use that time to take showers. It’s also a great time for a quick nap. I usually look forward to this part of the day.

Campers and staff are able to bond because of these experiences. Chill time is a great way to relax and bring people closer together. We are able to get to know one another on a more personal level. We talk about friends, movies, family, clothes, etc. Chill time is like a nice break from the other wild activities.