By Stuart S. age 9

Tribe of Benjamin


Boating is fun, fun, fun! I got to run a tiny bit to the pond. When I got there, I saw four boats by the side of the dock. As I was on the dock I saw three fish! Before we went in the boat, Sneezy and Verde showed us how to put on life jackets, hold onto the oar, and assigned us seats by experience. I got to sit in the front for my first time boating at camp. Finally, we got into the green water and started rowing around. While rowing around, we saw lots of fish and we even saw a tiny baby turtle! The turtle was so cute and the fish looked normal- wet, scaly and slimy. It is amazing that God makes different creatures that we can see in the pond! All in all, boating was very fun! Although it was a hot day, in the end, it was a very nice day!