Dedicated to Gary, a gentle yet scary soul.

By Michelle B. age 11

Tribe of Manasseh


It was a peaceful morning back on the girl’s side of camp. A loud flutter made my ears perk up and as soon as I turned around, I saw it. The beautiful monstrosity. The 6 by 6 inch moth gracefully landed on a window net. It was as beautiful as a butterfly, but its colors made it able to camouflage into a leaf. It was amazing and I knew that it had to be God’s creation. Some were in awe; but all were terrified. Instead of the leaf-like insect freaking us out . . . people were freaking it out. They named the moth Gary and started treating it like a pet. They were doing something they called “petting it” but deep inside we ALL knew that they were just poking it. Days went by and Gary was still putting up with this animal abuse. Some claimed that the sizeable moth liked the attention; but there was one thing I was sure of. Gary was hurt and almost paralyzed from fear. He was “pet” way too much, and all of this “likeable attention” damaged his wings. The next day I was the only one on the porch and I saw the monstrosity attempt to fly off. He (or she I really don’t know the gender) simply fell and took a hard fall so I laid him on a step. A couple of hours later I found him… splat! On the grass. This murder mystery is yet to be solved; however, I suspect that there is a traitor among us! This is yet another mystery…

Closing off,