Illyana C., Age 9
Tribe of Naphtali

I remember it like it was yesterday…mostly because it was yesterday. Sneezy told me and
Vivian we were going first to the pond. My heart skipped a beat. I remembered last year, so I knew this was going to be so fun.

When we got on the boat, we started to come up with a code word for tipping the boat: cupcake. We kept on trying to “Cupcake off of the boat” and when we were
super close to “cupcaking,” the staff got suspicious and we had to stop.

Finally, it was our second turn and… to be honest nothing exciting happened. I wish I could say that a shark ate a camper or a camper flipped and drowned but that would be lying. But I remember when I would accidentally splash myself but it felt refreshing.

Overall boating was a fun experience and I’m glad I got to do it at Camp Gilgal!!