Cabin Cleanup

By Lilly M. age 8


We finished breakfast and I brought my bagel that has butter on it to my cabin. The path goes down three stairs, over a small gate, then for a long time forward, then right, then along forward and then go left up a very steep hill. Our cabin is called Medicine Bow. It takes a long time to get there. I carried our degel, which was pink with a car on a road and the sun on it. When I get to my cabin, I start to clean up. I put my shoes in order, my waterproof shoes and my Moana flip-flops. I think they are weird because your foot covers Moana. Then, I take my hairbrush and journal that Olive gave me for my birthday, my small journal that says PRIVATE and my name on it. I take my earring spray off of my bed and put it away. The earring spray goes into a small, purple bag with my sunscreen. I put my journal on a shelf and the other journal that Olive got me on another shelf with my books. My hairbrush goes away with my conditioner.