By Rebekah P. age 9

Tribe of Asher

“Good morning ladies!” Macaroni said turning on the lights. No one moved, I had my head in the pillow. This is how the day usually starts. “We want to sleep.” Macaroni frowned “Do you want to make the best deco day cabin or not?” she said staring at us. I rubbed my eyes and got down from the warm comfy bunk. Myra leaped down and rushed to her suitcase. We pulled out our clothes and walk to the bathroom. When we got back it began.

Ellie and Raina were blowing up balloons. “What do we need that for?” Myra asked pointing to the balloon. “Those are for a caterpillar” Pippin smiled. “Cool!” Myra said running to the balloons. I followed her and she pulled out a balloon shaped like Mickey Mouse. “This is weird looking.” I said holding it up. “It’s green perfect for a caterpillar. The ears can be horns and we can drive face on it.” Pippin said grabbing it. “Can I help draw?” I pleaded Pippin. “Hmmm…,” she said drawing a nose. I plopped down next to her. “May I draw the mouth?” “OK” Pippin said handing me the marker. We made the caterpillar. We also folded puffballs and tied them to the bunks. Then we made curtains and put them on each bottom bunk, we also put verses on every bunk. We made it look like a green jungle in our cabin. We had a great Cabin Decoration Day.