By: Hesed F. | Age: 13
“That’s an infraction!” If you were wondering what that meant, you’re in the right place. Cabin inspection is a huge part of camp. Every morning after breakfast we come back to our cabins and prepared for cabin inspection. Preparation for cabin inspection includes: sweeping the floor, tucking in beds, taking out the trash and many other things. After we finish cleaning our cabins we go onto other activities. Then we go to lunch and after lunch the cabin inspector comes and tells us the score we got for cleanup. If the average score at the end of camp is an 85, we get a party! If there are too many infractions, we get a bad grade and we don’t get the party. The cabin inspector is very picky even if the soap dispenser is a little crooked, it’s an infraction. Overall, cabin inspection is a huge part of camp and camp wouldn’t be the same without it!