Emeth P.
Age 15

Cabin cleanup is often a time where campers can demonstrate their cleaning skills. Most campers will usually spend a portion of their time between breakfast and lunch cleaning their cabins. After the cabin is cleaned the cabin inspector will seek out possible problems with the cleanliness of the cabins. Often the cabin will not be completely clean and the inspector will proceed to give the cabin infractions. Cabins are required to average a score of 85 on cabin cleanup to go to a party towards the end of camp.

Occasionally a cabin will attempt to bribe the inspector. Very often, the inspector will come across a carefully placed note and candy trying to sway the inspector to get them a score of 100. Our inspector says that the closest cabin with the most successful bribe involved a moose novelty. Although the inspector “Moose” would have liked to take the bribe, he had to remain fair. Cabin cleanup is a great way for campers to experience responsibility and clean their cabins.