by Arie C. age 12

Tribe of Levi

At Camp Gilgal we clean our cabins every morning. Then during lunch is the cabin inspection report. Some evenings we clean our cabin because it becomes messy after the day. We clean our cabins first by putting our clothes away and organizing shelves. Then we finish by sweeping and picking up pieces of trash around the cabin. During lunch we watch as Yamaha and Streetlight enter the sheriff’s office and change clothes to become “Jeffery and Ida.” Then they enter the dining hall and give each tribe their scores for how clean their cabins were. I asked Eitan how he liked cabin inspection. He likes to get our tribe’s score and to watch Jeffrey and Ida perform. Tyler says cabin cleanup is fun because he can talk with friends while cleaning. He likes cabin inspection too. Isaac’s favorite part about cabin inspection is the song played before the scores are given. Jonah likes how they act silly when giving scores. Cabin inspection happens every day of camp so far no one has gotten more than 95 points for cabin inspection and we might be next to get 100 points.