by Myra M. age 8

Tribe of Asher

First we went to the creek, when we got to the creek after a little bit we found a turtle and crawdads, three or four big ones. And we got to eat sandwiches and chips and cold water. Yum! The waterfall was so cool and there was a cave. And people were playing Mafia. We had so much fun. The whole camp was there. I asked Ellie how much fun she had and she said, “It was amazing!” I loved it.

We found all kinds of things. I found a banana peel in the water and fish in the water. It was so pretty, but it was so deep and it was so dirty. I was mostly on the other side because of the big crawdads. They were so big and people were all like fishing with some sandwich pieces in the net. They went back and forth but it was still fun! It was kind of dark but mostly light. Then we had to leave the rocks. It was slippery, but still fun.