Lydia C., Age 14
Tribe of Simeon

Each time we go to campfire the sky is always glimmering with different and beautiful colors. The view and the sky just gives me a sense of peace and makes me feel so much closer to God. When we pray and sing songs, I just know that God can hear us, that He is listening, and that He cares for me. Teen camp campfire is also much different than junior camp campfire because we spend time having a group discussion instead of opening with the goofy songs at junior camp. This year we talked about our identities and remembering that what other people at school say about us, what our parents say Campfire2about us, and even what we say about ourselves isn’t as important as what God says about us.

Campfire is so fun! Even though this year mosquitos attacked everyone, we still found a way to be happy and sing songs together. We sing songs like “Create in me a clean heart” and “Jesus loves me campfire style.” These songs helped us to calm down from our busy day and focus on who God is and to focus on the discussion that we were going to have or the testimonies that we were going to hear. I would definitely recommend coming to Camp Gilgal, it is my favorite part of the summer and I know that every year I’ll grow closer to God there.