Camp names1Eliana W., Age 12
Tribe of Benjamin

During camp this year I was thinking about what makes Camp Gilgal so unique. One of my thoughts was the camp names, for example, Anonymous, Squid, Twister, Mochi and other creative titles. The staff choose their own names. Some of the names are chosen because of nicknames they like, or if they just like the sound of it. Camp names are special so we are not told the staff’s real names. At first when you think about not knowing your tribe leader’s name the idea is weird, but when you go to camp it’s perfectly normal. Personally I love having camp names. When I become staff my name will probably be Eragon. To me camp names are one of the most creative aspects of camp. One of the staff is named Sneezy. She chose her name because she has allergies, causing her to sneeze many times consecutively. Mochi’s name was inspired by the Japanese dessert and she liked the sound of it.