By: Halye G. | Age: 11
Tribe: Naphtali
Camp Out Night is an activity where you camp outside of your cabin or shelter. This year my tribe camped near the basketball courts. Once we got there, we dropped all our bags on the grass and ran to collect sticks for the campfire. When we were done, we played gaga and basketball for about 1 ½ hours. After playing we started to set up a tent. Our tribe was too many people, so we decided to split us up. I was with Lilly and Raven, while in the other tent was Emanuela, Naomi, Hannah, and Sunshine. When we finished setting up our tent, we continued to play games. After a while we headed over to the dining hall and brushed our teeth and got into our PJ’s. when we got back the fire was going, and it was dark. We paused playing gaga and ate dinner. For dinner we had a choice of hotdogs and hamburgers freshly cooked form the fire. I got a hotdog with chips and carrots on the side. It was very delicious. After that our tribe started to set our sleeping bags I the tent. I placed my sleeping bag on the left side, Lilly placed hers in the middle, and Raven placed hers on the right side. When we were done setting up our tent it became dark. Everyone gathered around the campfire and took a stick to burn our marshmallow with. Everyone got one marshmallow each. Once we were done, we made a s’more out of it. The s’mores tasted amazing. Once we were done, we went to sleep at 11:20 pm. when we woke up, we took down the tent and headed to the dining hall for breakfast. For breakfast I had a bagel. Breakfast was good. All in all the camp out was great, amazing and Fab-maz-ful!