By: Sarah M. | Age: 13
Here at Camp Gilgal, we have amazing staff. One of my favorite camp staff is Mango! I got the chance to learn more about her this summer at teen camp. Mango has been part of Camp Gilgal for 10 years. She has enjoyed every moment on staff as well as when she was a camper. Did you know Mango occasionally climbs trees? Mango thinks this hobby of hers is extremely funny and began howling with laughter when she realized that Mangoes grow on trees! Some advice that Mango has for teen campers it to keep in touch with friends, make a relationship with Jesus, and to get off the phone and read. I love to read so I was ecstatic to hear this! Another interesting tid-bit about Mango is that Camp Gilgal has changed her life in so many ways, she has seen what community looks like and learned to embrace her Jewish identity. Mango’s favorite chapter of the Bible is Isaiah 41. Something you might be wondering is what Mango’s favorite part of teen camp 2019. It was actually having a large cabin of such gorgeous, amazing ladies who she witnessed grow up. I thought what she said was touching and heartwarming. Speaking of teen camp, Mango would have ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with a whole wheat bun, if we had gone to Chick-fil-A. Personally, this order sounds unappealing, but I definitely was respectful of her choices. Now you know all about the bomb, Camp Gilgal staff member, Mango!