By: Zoe A.| Age: 10
Tribe of Benjamin
Here at Camp Gilgal after dinner the staff often says, “Go get close-toed shoes and bug spray on.” That gets everyone super excited because it means we know something fun is about to happen! Sometimes it means it will be a night game and sometimes it will be a campfire. I love campfires! At Camp Gilgal our campfire is full of singing. We sing songs like, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and Hineh Ma Tov. We also sing worship songs like Joshua 1:9 and Great Are You Lord. Next, Moose talks. After that one of the staff will share their testimony. They are so awesome! The first night Waldo and Lonestar shared. I asked them about it and here is what they said. First, I talked to Waldo. He told me that sharing his testimony reminded him of how much Camp Gilgal has shaped his walk with Jesus. He shared with me that he was a little nervous giving his testimony, but also said, “Do it. Even if you’re nervous.” Waldo’s favorite part was Lonestar’s testimony. Speaking of Lonestar I asked him the same questions. He said sharing his testimony he was nervous, but he was happy to see God move.