Lily C., Age 15

Here at teen camp, we play the Jewish version of Capture the Flag, called Capture the Degel. “Degel” means “flag” in Hebrew. To start off, all the staff and campers were split into two teams. On my team, I played offeCapture the Degel2nse. I tend to get a bit competitive when I play games so I was running through the river to try to get to the other team’s degel. There was also a lot of tall grass and plants that I tracked through which resulted in getting a ton of scratches. Bologna was on the opposing team with the medical kit, which was used as an excuse to travel through the opposing team’s side. After I finished getting cleaned up I continued to walk around the baseball field onto the other team’s side without anyone noticing. When they eventually saw me I ran for dear life and hopped a fence to escape, and I spent the rest of the game searching for the degel. The other team ended up winning both games. Even though I really wanted to win, it was still one of my favorite things we did at camp this year!