By: Sasha S. | Age: 15
For a night game this year, we played Capture the Degel, which means, “flag” in Hebrew. This year we played in the Sierra National Forest, just outside of camp. The rules are simple: if you cross a line to the other side, you can get tagged and thrown into jail. You have to wait until someone on your team gets you out by running and shouting, “Jail break!!!” The main goal is to get the other team’s degel before they get yours. My teammates and I had a plan: we would get a small group and scout out where the degel is. We also had another way to get it. One person would run down screaming and get tagged so we can find the other teams degel. And off he went… that is the only thing that went according to plan. As the game kept going, we got scouting and figured out a plan. Eventually I made it down without getting caught. I got the degel and won the game!