By: Emanuela K. | Age: 9
Tribe: Naphtali
If you want to learn about pool time, then read my article, it is about the pool. So, the pool is awesome. You can play games in the pool for example, you can play Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows, Catch, Monkey in the Middle, Race and all of the fun games. Pool time is about one hour long after lunch. But at the very first day you need to take a swimming test. The swimming test is really quick. These are three levels. The first level is the shallow water. The shallow water is 1-5 ft. Next is the middle section. The middle section is 4-6 ft. Lastly there is the deep end. The deep end is 7-9 ft. The pool is awesome, please come to Camp Gilgal and have fun at the pool!