Chalet 2Sarai M., Age 15

In my opinion, Chalet Two is big. Chalet Two is nice. So now I am going to ask some of the other occupants what they think of their accommodations. Laney thinks… wait, she knows that Chalet Two is the most posh chalet/cabin she has stayed in yet. I must say I agree, although I wish the bathrooms were bigger. 😛 Monique thinks the bathrooms should be bigger as well and really likes the people in it. Yah, that’s probably because I am in her cabin. Mekerah likes the inside of Chalet Two. Madi says it doesn’t stink so that’s a bonus, right? Paula is thankful there aren’t any bugs, and who isn’t? Monique, yah, that’s right she likes most bugs. Elizabeth thinks Chalet Two is awesome or cool, she can’t decide which. Snapple thinks it’s phenomenal. Cricket thinks it’s excellent and Taliah says, “I really love Chalet Two. I feel like I am in a small chapel and what I really like is that I can prop my pillow up when I sleep because normally I can’t do that.” Anyways, in case you haven’t already noticed, Chalet Two is awesome, Chalet Two is great, Chalet Two is comfy and in its shelter, we stay up late.