Vivian K., Age 8
Tribe of Simeon

My name is Vivian. I like to do crafts and I am good at it. My favorite craft is mosaics. The colors that I used were blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, red and pink. The craft teacher is Jalapeño. My mosaic was a flower which I made very colorful. We used hammers to break the colorful tiles. It was my first time using a hammer! I love making mosaics, I think it is so cool. First, we draw a picture of what we want on our mosaics on a piece of paper. Next, we put down the broken tiles onto the board and glued them down. All the tiles must have some space in between them to make room for the grout later on. Once all the tiles are arranged, it is time for the grout! Grout is sandy and you mix it with watCraft Fun1er to make a paste. The staff do this for you. Then you spread it over your piece like peanut butter and wait for it to dry. Then, you wipe the grout off the tiles to reveal your artwork! After that we decorated the frame with wood burners and then we stain the frame. I had so much fun in craft and I’m going to give my mosaic to my mom and dad.