DanLily H., Age 10
Tribe of Dan

I am in one of the best tribes ever, Dan. I love being in the tribe of Dan because it’s what me and all my friends wanted to be in. I have four other cabinmates: Elie, Sarah, Shalom, and Talia, and two amazing tribe leaders, Sherlock and Chip. Our cabin is lots of fun because we get to eat lots of candy and play music. I love being with my four other friends because I’ve known them for two years. Our cabin is always full of laughter because, well, there’s a lot of funny stuff! My tribe always likes to be first at line up even if we don’t know what to say. My tribe also has a specific spot we like to sit at for meal times which is the front-right table. I asked one of my cabinmates, Sarah, what’s her favorite thing about being in the tribe of Dan? Sarah likes being with all of her cabinmates/friends. So overall, the tribe of Dan is really fun and probably the best tribe I’ve ever been in.