Elie M., Age 12
Tribe of Zebulun

Come along with me and see what a day in the life of camp is like. Today, July 16, 2018, we woke up at 7:30 am. We dressed and ran down the ladies’ hill to line up for breakfast.

Today we had eggs, turkey sausage, cinnamon rolls, fruit, and oatmeal. Then we cleaned up our cabin for inspection and played carpetball before Tabernacle. Tabernacle was about God’s promises to Abraham. We then went to craft. This year we are making drums. Then we were off to Hebrew. Then after lunch we had FOB.

FOB means “flat on bunk.” It is the time where we try to be quiet. When the whistle blows it is free time. During free time, you can go in the pool or play carpet ball. And do not forget the Gilgal store. Then we had to dress up as Bible story for Bible Story Night. Then we had a campfire and went to bed. Lily said, “It was a fun day.”