Daniella W., Age 14

At Camp Gilgal we got the chance to have an espresso cart on the camp grounds. It was really good because there were a lot of things to choose from, from water to delicious milkshakes.espresso-cart sm

Many of the campers enjoyed trying all the different drinks. This year the drink cups had different Bible verses on them. All the cups blessed the campers. I had Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for but not seen.”

It was great that I could go to the espresso cart with my friends: Dorothy, Brighton, Leia and Gabby. We all got different flavors of milkshakes. I got chocolate chip cookie dough and Gabby and Brighton got Oreo milkshakes. I was really encouraged that I got to spend that time getting to know my friends more. It was a great start for the week.