Katie S., Age 14

On Tuesday morning, we were all instructed after breakfast to pack a lunch, put on closed-toed shoes and bring our water bottles. Why? Because we were going on our annual trip to Yosemite. Clad in matching camp shirts, we piled into the vans and began our journey. We all survived the long, windy road into tyosemite smhe park, marveling at the scenery between practicing Bible verses. We next held Tabernacle in the woods, where Streetlight talked about the book of Acts. A photography session also occurred as we aligned ourselves to the nearby Half Dome. Then we ate our sack lunches as a group, while spotting many squirrels. Some of us bought treats at the store after that. Then, we were led to a viewing area from which we could see one quarter of Yosemite National Park. It was amazing, but that wasn’t the end. A steep five-mile hike led us down to the vans at the bottom of the mountain. We made it down with only one minor injury and several exhausted campers. A park ranger met us and told us about the meadows of the park and their golden flowers. We piled back into the vans and drove back to camp, just in time for a pizza dinner at 9:00pm.