By Ezra L. age 10

Tribe of Benjamin


In field sports, you play newcomb, soccer, volleyball, and kickball. I like newcomb the best. The rules are that you cannot let the ball touch the ground. Also, if two people touch the ball and it hits the ground they are both out. If you throw the ball out of bounds you are out. When someone on your team catches the ball with one hand and someone was out, they come back into the game. I love newcomb, and I’m even pretty good too. My signature move is diving for the ball and catching it. I do it at least once a game. I normally throw the ball with one hand. I played a game of newcomb where I was one team and my tribe was the other team. Sometimes it can be hard to get to the ball in time, but in this game, I got it every time and won all by myself. If you are going to play newcomb against me you better be skilled and very fast. Game on!