By Gracie R. age 15

Tribe of Judah


At teen camp, we took a day trip to go white water rafting and it was so much fun! We went in the morning so it started really easy because it was cool outside. The experience was so great because we really get to bond with the other campers in the raft. This year I was in a raft with Ruski, Gator, Simona, Hannah, Gavin and Ephraim. During one of the rapids, Ephraim fell out and lost his shoe and it was really funny.

We stopped a couple of hours into the trip to eat lunch on an island and it was a nice little break. My favorite rapid was the narrow one because there were so many waves and we got soaked. My favorite part of the trip this year was when we were at the end of the trip and in the calm part of the river and we sang Disney and campfire songs. After we got to the end of the river and back to the wild waters building, we ate a super yummy dinner. I loved going on this trip.