Josiah O., Age 9
Tribe of Dan 

It was Counselor Hunt time and Ilan, Ethan and me were buddies. Twister was telling us what to do, and since I was the oldest I had to look after Ilan and Ethan. We were walking down one of the paths and then we bumped into some boys (about four, with Boys2 smtwo girls later), so we joined them. But we really should have taken a different path because we seemed to have reached the road that was close by. So we decided to go the other way but we just went deeper into the woods. Then we went down the other path and turned down a path that went to the right. Eventually it looked familiar and we started to run because we wanted to get back to campfire so that we wouldn’t get lost again. As I was running along with the group I looked behind me for some reason and saw a black lump sitting against a tree so I screamed, “A TRIBE LEADER, A TRIBE LEADER, C’MON!” In about five seconds the older boys caught them and when I saw them I saw that it was Nemo!! Then we started pushing her to campfire and she kept saying, “My daddy’s that way!” But we said, “No, your father is this way, we assure you.” Once Nemo almost went down a random path nearby but we caught her arm before she could get away. Then, we brought her to campfire.

The End.