Vika S.
Age 15

 The first night of camp is always exciting, from moving into your cabins, to meeting new people, and talking with camp friends. This year after dinner we were all instructed to go get closed toed shoes, bug spray, and water. This made us question what we would be doing next. When the whistles blew we were all led to the field. That was when Heinz announced that we would be playing many fun games. First, we started with a game by the name of Cat and Mouse. However, this game did not in fact include any real mice or cats. The way the game is played is everyone but two people gets into groups of two by linking arms. The two who did not get paired up were the cat and mouse. The assigned cat must chase the mouse and if the mouse is caught, the roles are reversed. However, the mouse can run and link arms in one of the groups of two but the person on the end must now take the mouse’s place. We first night gamesplayed this for a while, and we even added in two extra cats and mice.

Once this game was over we played the great game of Boston, Baltimore, or Buffalo. This game involves the use of three sections of the field. Each section goes by the name of Boston, Baltimore, or Buffalo. When Heinz called out one of the three, we must run to the correct section and not be the last one or else you’re out. But everyone had to be careful because if Heinz yelled out “subway,” everyone must hit the deck. After we boiled down to the last campers, Skye was eventually the winner.

Next, Speedy sat us all down and talked a little about the World Cup. He came up with a challenge for us in which both the men’s and the ladies’ side chose three representatives for a flopping contest. Now, what is a flop you ask? A flop is when a person pretends to be very injured after making it seem as if they were tripped or pushed. A panel of judges was formed and we would be given points for how well the flop was executed with possible extra points for using foreign languages. In the end, the men won the flopping contest for their extreme flops. Following this we tried to say “goal” for as long as we could and eventually had two campers face off.

Lastly, we played a round of steal the kosher bacon, which was actually more like steal the shoe. People were put in a line on each end of the field and numbered off. In the middle was a shoe and then someone would call out a number and that number from each side would tried to bring the show back by “whatever means necessary.” Sometimes even multiple numbers would be called out. This is the way our first game night went and everyone had lots of fun.