Brooke A., Age 15 

Anyone who went to junior camp will remember FOB, a bitter-sweet activity that occurs every day. It is respite for tribe leaders and campers alike. FOB, which stands for “Flat on Bunk,” is a great time to write letters or take a nap. Though, if your tribe leaders permit, FOB can be a big party. The snacks get passed around, campers yell and laugh and play silly games. FOB can be a very memorable time for junior campers. But once you graduate to teen camp, FOB is no longer a regular occurrence. One camper, Judy, said “I miss having FOB.” This Thursday at teen camp we had “FOB Appreciation fob smDay,” which means we get the FOB experience at teen camp. There was much excitement with campers running to the cabins and falling into their bunks. For many it was a flash back to junior camp and the FOB activities were the same. Jon, a teen camper, said “I wrote postcards to family and friends.” Another camper, Shaya, said, “I practiced the memory verse and we had a cabin discussion.” Because camp is such an exciting and fast-paced experience, having a time to rest is great.

FOB is a tradition that the tribe leaders had as campers as well. Hoops, a teen camp leader, said “When I was a camper I definitely didn’t sleep. We played games from bunk to bunk and tried not to wake the tribe leaders.” FOB, though sometimes underrated, is an important time in camp when campers can relax and spend quality time with their tribe.