Nena W., Age 11
Tribe of Asher

For our field trip at Camp Gilgal we went to Fun-Plex Fun Park! It was REALLY fun! We played mini golf and that was ok. It might have been more fun, but the day was really sunny and hot and we were having a hard time being into it. But after we finished and ate lunch, we each got two tickets. These tickets allowed us to ride different rides at the Fun Park. I went go-carting for both tickets. The first time I went, I was REALLY scared because I thought I would be bad at driving but I eventually got the hang of it and wanted to go a second time.

On the first time and the first lap I went around, I was in first place until I crashed and broke a metal strip. Luckily, I landed in a pile of tires. I had a smooth ride after that. On the second time nothing really interesting happened, because I had a better idea of how to drive. After every tribe gathered by the parking lot, we walked across the parking lot, we watched the male staff race each other. Swank won. Then the female staff raced each other. Nature Valley won big time. Last but not least, we got back into the bus and got ice cream at an ice cream parlor. I got orange pineapple and it was really good. After that we went back to camp and got ready for Fashion Disaster Night. Fashion Disaster Night is what it sounds like. We dress like fashion disasters. This was a great field trip, a great theme meal, and a great day!