Elizabeth K., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulun 

The girls of Zebulun run a tight ship. Literally. The tribe leaders, Nike and Vintage, keep it that way. For Cabin Inspection, the hard rock mine sparkles. Shoes are lined up. Suitcases are zipped and beds are neat and tidy. Nike strives to make these two weeks the best for first-time campers. She’s very sweet, just like candy we can buy at the store. Taliah is good at Zebulun smeverything; from swimming to doing makeovers to lining up shoes, she is the one to ask. Monique has a unique personality that calms the spicy tempers in the cabin. She is a good listener and very funny. Sarai is the fashion chick in the group. Her outfits are cute and her sunglasses go well with anything. Ooh La La! Lizzy is the athlete like Nike. She is a competitive swimmer. Vintage is quiet and reserved. She likes to listen to us toss around ideas for the upcoming theme night. She helps us make the fun ideas possible to do. I like to laugh and talk with Sarai and my favorite time is right before FOB. We all like to get our giggles out. I enjoy being in the tribe of Zebulun. I hope to come back to Camp Gilgal next summer.