Jonathan P., Age 11
Tribe of Benjamin

Hebrew is really fun! You get to learn lots of things like Ima is mom and Abba is dad. Also, you get to learn an entirely new language! You also get to fill out books that teach you Hebrew words. Two of the books I have completed are named Family and Days of the Week.

Hebrew1You also get to earn prizes if you get staff to stamp the page for learning Hebrew words. Every time you get ten stamps on a page you earn a small prize, but when you fill out a book you get a large prize!

You can learn a lot of things in Hebrew, and you get to use the words you learn in lots of activities like writing to your parents or pointing out wildlife.

One of my favorite things to do during Hebrew is to collect all sorts of stamps. My favorite stamp is Heimlich’s, which is a caterpillar. One of my other favorites is Superduck’s, which of course is a duck.

Anyways, I really enjoy Hebrew and it was an amazing topic to use for the Gilgal Gazette. Hebrew is really, really fun and I think that Hebrew is awesome. It can teach you so much. And also, imagine if you go to Israel – you can always use Hebrew there.