Sarai M., Age 13
Tribe of Asher

HeinzHeinz got her name because she really likes ketchup. Her favorite things to do are hike, watch funny TV shows, and read. I really like to read, too! Heinz is from the East Coast. Her favorite game as a camper was Cap’n, Sailor, Gunner. Her favorite comic strips are Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County and her favorite book is Everything is Illuminated. Her favorite part of being a tribe leader is telling the campers what to do. Just kidding! Her favorite part is leading us in devotions. Heinz has been a tribe leader for four years, and she prefers being a faithful and loyal Wells Fargo agent to being an outlaw. I think I would, too.

She got Camper of the Year every year. At Camp Gilgal East every time someone gets a package they have to sing for it! On the East Coast instead of Tribe of the Year they have a certain amount of points that you want to reach and it you do, your cabin gets to go to a party. Heinz is very funny and I like her a lot. A couple of days ago Heinz made up a song to the tune of “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” except it was about ketchup! I love you, Heinz.