Evan S., Age 14

Hoops is an interesting person. She gets her name from her love of basketball. Hoops goes to Pepperdine University and is majoring in Biology and plans to be a pediatrician, which shows her love for kids.  

Hoopshoops’ favorite sport is basketball, where she earned her name “Hoops.” Her favorite color is orange because it reminds her of a basketball. I was informed that Hoops also enjoys rugby and lacrosse during her free time. Hoops enjoys the campers, which keepers her coming back. Hoops told me her favorite part of camp is getting to know the female campers. Psalm 23 is her favorite chapter of the Bible because even though she walks through the valley of the shadow of death she fears no evil. This verse gives her courage. Her favorite night game at teen camp is Capture the Degel because it is intense and very competitive, which reminds her of her basketball days. Hoops is a great leader and is loved by all. That is why I decided to write about her and her camp experiences.