Mariam G., Age 12
Tribe of Issachar

One of the best parts of camp was horseback riding. While we waited for our horses to be ready we played gaga ball. It was fun, but it had rained earlier that day so it was not easy to play. When we got into the barn the lady working there let us choose a helmet. She then showed us how to get on the horse and how to ride it. After that we split up into two groups. Each person got on a horse. The horse I had was named Bo. The horse was a male and he was a caramel color. He was probably the tallest horse there. He was really slow on the trail, but he was easy to control. On the trail ride I was second to the back, and there were about nine horses on the trail. There were two people who worked with the horses there to help us. They helped us when something happened or if we had a question. They talked to us and asked us questions about Camp Gilgal. I loved horseback riding, and I hope you come to camp and ride too!