AaronScarborough1Aaron S., Age 12
Tribe of Judah

One thing that I liked doing during camp this year was the field trip to the zoo. First thing after breakfast we went to the restrooms and then to a bus. After a couple minutes of waiting we got on the bus and then Sneakers and the camp staff counted everyone to make sure we were all there. After that we got moving. Like most bus rides it was loud and noisy, but I daydreamed out the window. Everyone else was singing camp songs until we pulled into the John Ball Zoo. After we got off the bus we all got in tribe lines and the staff counted the kids again. I used to go to the John Ball Zoo a lot when I was younger, but I hadn’t been there in a very long time. Then we started to walk, and we saw a lot of animals, like kangaroos and lemurs. We saw a frog place, poisonous dart frogs, and lots more with Bullfrog. Then we went to the larger animals. We went to the other side of the zoo. Over there they had lions and wild boars. We were running out of time so we went to see the chimpanzees. They mostly sat there grooming, so we left and saw some reptiles on the way out. Finally, we went to the gift shop to spend some of our own money. I liked the dart frog a lot so I bought a plastic one. The day ended with a quiet bus ride home.