Dinah G., Age 14
Tribe of Judah

While spending time at a summer camp away from home developing meaningful relationships with your fellow campers can seem daunting, at Camp Gilgal, the staff give us opportunities to get closer through things like all camp activities, chill time, and pool time. But, the thing that really strengthens our bonds are the inside jokes we have!

When you’re at camp, having silly jokes with the other campers can make you feel closer with everyone else and can promote the forming of a bond. The tribe leaders encourage it and we all enjoy the jokes.
This year at teen camp I was in the tribe of Judah and we had A LOT of inside jokes. Whether it be Eliana A’s overuse of the word “yeet” or Netanya’s title as a “problem camper” (given to her as a joke by Eliana A. on the first day when she was having an issue with finding her flip flops), or us using slang/terms from other places (such as wicked and gnarly), our tribe had lots of jokes. The other tribes had some jokes, too!

To me, the jokes and silliness are the best part of Camp Gilgal. The staff encourage our jokes and assist us in developing bonds. The jokes make us all feel included and even the staff join in on the fun which is something I really love and think is unique about Camp Gilgal.